Artist Statment

Observing , learning and study of all aspects of a subject is essential to creating my art, as is the interaction with the chosen media .
 I enjoy working in modern and traditional mediums and materials . It is a honor to share what I discover.
Metal has been used since the Renaissance as a substrate for painting
and gilding. I am excited to bring its luster and shifting nature into my paintings. 
It works exceptionally well for capturing the living energetic nature of
seascapes, sunsets, water  and fire elements . when added to abstracts the dimension of depth can be striking.
 First I work relief into the metal drawing and creating forms,
building layers of reflective depth . I use translucent, metallic, pearlescent and specialty paints along with opaque colors working up depth and detail. 
  I love the physicality of working the metals surface. Carving my vision into it’s  surface , All that shifting light ! Then I get to work the fine detail with paint and color . It’s a wonderful combination on the finished piece .
  For the land and seascapes I observe and photograph stunning locals noting the subtle nuances and energies. At the studio I remember and share what I’ve experienced , a blessing .


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